6 Benefits of Having a Kitchen in Your Hotel

Value Place Hotel Kitchenette

All Value Place Rooms Are Outfitted with a BIG Kitchenette.

When guests travel on a budget, food and drinks are a serious line item that swells the bottom line. Paying for a place to stay can sometimes be a cheaper expense than taking the family out for meals every day. At the Value Place Hotels in Johnson City, TN, Columbia, SC (Elgin), Columbia, SC (Lexington), Macon, GA (West), Macon, GA (North), Evansville, IN, Duncan, SC, Greenville (Chalmers Road), SC, Greenville (Simpsonville), SC and Champaign, IL, there are full kitchenettes equipped with a stove, stove fan, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, sink, outlets and linens. Dishes can be purchased in-house as well as your own coffee-maker (of course, they are yours to take with you when you leave). This special functionality differentiates Value Place Hotel from other hotels, especially when you are paying $29/night (average weekly rate broken down into nightly).

6 Benefits to Staying at a Hotel with a Kitchen:

1. Eat breakfast when you want. No window of time that closes at early hours of the day.

2. Save money on meals. Grocery stores prices and no tip. Unless you want to tip yourself.

3. Don’t totally blow your diet. Save money with fast food but at the cost of your diet.

4. Control what you eat. Eat exactly what you want, how you want.

5. Enjoy your privacy. No loud restaurants or busy streets.

6. Cook a meal together. It’s a great bonding activity.

In the end, a kitchenette in a hotel is a HUGE money saver and gives you a lot more control and enjoyment during your travel visit.

Photo of the Value Place Hotel Kitchen

Kitchenette at Value Place Hotel

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