7 Things You Could Do with $500

As you can see from the price comparison depiction below, staying a week at one of our Value Place Hotels will save you a lot of cash over going to a much fancier “eye-candy” hotel. We determined that you will save AT LEAST $500 so we decided to use that amount for this blog post.

Behold. What you could with $500 during your extended stay at Value Place –

1. Go out to an upstanding beverage establishment every night of the week. AND pay for your friends that you bring. Or the friends that you meet there if you came alone. What you could do with $500

2. Buy a new suit. If you are traveling for work and possibly for a sales call, then purchase a new suit and consider the deal closed. You will look irresistible.Buy a new suit with the $500 you are saving with Value Place.

3. Take your family out to the local festival and buy them delicious food and local wares. It will be a memorable night with lots of smiles and laughs. This would be stressfully expensive if you were also paying $1000 for the hotel. Good thing you are only paying $215 at Value Place.

4. Buy a capturing piece of art. Your Value Place room will be simple for sure – that’s one of their core values. So maybe you want to bring “home” some Van Gogh to spruce up the walls. What you could do with $500

5. Randomly bless a busker. Drop $200 into their hat as they are serenading on the sidewalk and say the one sentence they will never forget in their lives.

6. Rent a car and travel to the nearest jaw-dropping natural wonder.

7. Save it. Bolster your bank account and feel extra good about traveling frugally.

There you have it. 7 Things to do with the $500 or more you’ll be saving next time you choose Value Place for work or vacation. Hope you enjoyed this article.

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