How To Know If An Extended Stay Hotel Is For You; A Pros and Cons List

You may or may not have heard of an extended stay hotel before, but it is accommodation option for travelers intending to spend an extended period of time at geographic location. Essentially, it is comparable to an apartment but more temporary. Apartments have minimum leases for 6 months to a year while an extended stay hotel will have a minimum booking of a week ( but many locations will do three nights).

The benefit of an extended stay hotel over a regular hotel is most often one element: price. Travelers will easily save hundreds of dollars a week booking an extended stay hotel over a regular hotel. Please see the pros and cons list to an extended stay hotel below.


  1. Kitchen included. For example, at Value Place Extended Stay Hotel, you have a full kitchen at your disposal. This allows you to save money at a grocery shop and cook in your room rather than go out to an expensive restaurant + tip.
  2. Call it home. You’ll most likely be staying there a while so you could add some décor personal touches.
  3. Security. At Value Place, you need an access ID card to go beyond the lobby. Many patrons value this aspect to the place at which they will be residing for a longer bracket of time.
  4. In-house laundry services. Laundry machines are located at extended stay hotels. At Value Place, linens are washed for free if you bring them to the front desk!
  5. Cost. As mentioned before, the longer stays allows for a cheaper total cost. In fact, when you break down the average payment for one week, a per-night hotels price range will be $900 – $1000 at $119/night. Meanwhile an extended stay hotel will be a flat one-time rate of $200 which broken down into a nightly rate is about $29/night.


  1. Extended stays tend to be simple. Not a lot of “eye candy” or “bells and whistles.” Pictures, décor and technology will be much flashier in a per-night hotel. But as the adage goes, “You get what you pay for.”
  2. Staffing will be more scarce at an extended stay hotel because the company’s margins are slim (to keep the price as minimal as possible). Personnel will be much more abundant at a regular, high-priced accommodation.

Extended stay hotels are suited for traveling workers and guests that are relocating to a new community, building or renovating a new home, visiting for family events, and vacationers looking to stretch their travel dollars. More specifically, they often are a great fit for small business travelers and consultants who foot their own bill for lodging and other travel expenses or are traveling on a strict per diem budget.

To learn more about extended stay hotels and to learn more about our favorite extended stay hotel brand Value Place, visit

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