7 Biggest Factors in Choosing a Hotel

Photo of an exotic luxury hotel

Decision Time.

Choosing a hotel can be a challenging decision. Often, there are many variables that need to be considered before purchasing. Below you will find the 7 biggest factors in choosing a hotel.

  1. Location: This is probably the most important factor as it is essentially the reason why you are staying at a hotel in the first place; you are wanting to stay at a remote location where your home is not. This could be the beach, the city, the countryside or even the roadside. Location is normally the first factor you punch into your search.
  2. Price: Often, travelers are already paying for transportation, food and entertainment so an affordable price is another huge factor in considering a hotel. This is Value Place Extended Stay’s bread and butter.
  3. Extra fees: Hidden fees can turn a good experience sour. These often include wireless internet, cable tv, room service, room upgrades, etc.
  4. Onsite facilities: Laundry machines, exercise gym, pool, etc. are all add-on benefits that may close the deal for you. If you plan on staying a while, these become more appealing features.
  5. Complimentary breakfast: Knocking out accommodation and one meal of the day with one stone is an attractive option especially for larger families.
  6. Local culture versus brand: Depending on the purpose of traveling, one may prefer a local, family-owned single location hotel that exudes the city’s culture or one may prefer the familiar, consistency of a national brand. Adventure-seekers prefer the former, work travelers prefer the latter. 
  7. Reviews: Taking a peak at the reviews is often a helpful informant. Learning from others’ experiences can demonstrate to you the quality of the rooms and staff. Check out TripAdvsior, Google Reviews or Yelp for reviews.

When it comes to picking which hotel you are going to stay at, there is no right answer. It depends on your needs and trust me, there is a hotel for every need, location, price and amenities. I will say though, if you are looking for the highest value for the lowest price, consider Value Place. But that’s just my unbiased opinion. Hope you enjoyed this article!


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