Trying to Choose the Right Hotel? 6 Objective Recommendations:

Picking a hotel can sometimes be a challenge. With over 228 hotel brands in the USA, it can tenuous. But don’t worry. Below I have outlined recommendations based on the experience you are looking to have.

  1. Comfort. Often when people refer to “comfort” in terms of a hotel room, they are most often refering to one element: the bed. The bed is where you spend most of your time in a hotel, no? So it is pretty important for the bed to be GREAT. For this category, your best bet (or should I say your best bed) will be staying at a Ritz-Carlton or Marriott hotel.
  2. Status. Where do celebrities stay when they travel? First, these hotels will only be in cities like Vegas, LA, New York and Chicago. Second, celebrities tend to not stay at any “chain” hotel. Usually, they stay at a famous local hotel. Examples of these include the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the Chateau Marmont, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Culver Hotel, the Bonaventure Hotel, etc.

    The Culver Hotel [Photo Cred: NBC]

  3. Pets. The W Hotel caters to cats and dogs with their P.A.W.  (Pets Are Welcome) program, many traveling pet owners find this city chain an accomodating fit for the “whole family”. Pets get their own beds, mats, toys, tags and treats.

    [Photo Cred: Placebee]

  4. Price. Where will you get the best value out of your hotel? At Value Place Extended Stay Hotel, guests pay an average of $28 per night. This rate not only includes all the typical amenities of a high-rate hotel, but also has a full kitchen so guests can save money by eating in.

Value Place Extended Stay Hotel: The Best Hotel Option for Price

5. Ubiquity. There are over 4,195 in 100 countries of this highly visible hotel chain. Best Western’s are EVERYWHERE. If you are looking for the same setting and conditions across many locations, Best Western will be a top pick.

6. Continental Breakfast – The best, free continental hotel breakfast is still being served by the first hotel to ever offer it: Hampton Inn. The mid-priced hotel keeps families top of mind with waffles, oatmeal, eggs, sausage and fresh fruits. On the Run breakfast bags packed with fruit, a muffin, box of mints and a cereal bar are also available weekdays.

Hope you found this article helpful. Next time you are choosing a hotel, keep these recommendations in mind! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Twitter @ValuePlaceHotel!


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