Kingsport FunFest Cheap Hotel Solution | Value Place Johnson City

Image of a safe and clean double unit for FunFest family travelers on a budget.

A Safe and Clean Option for Kingsport FunFest Traveling Families on a Budget.

Kingsport’s annual summer festival “FunFest” is just around the corner (July 12-21, 2013). For one whole week straight, families will have the opportunity to engage in volleyball tournaments, listen to live music concerts such as Chris Tomlin and Hunter Hayes, watch hot air balloons, enjoy food and a family-friendly 80,000 strong community.  It’s a great time that many families and festival lovers travel very far from their homes to attend. 

Luckily, Value Place Johnson City has a solution for these distant travelers. Travelers can check in for the entire week for $179! Broken down into a nightly rate (as any other hotel would charge this way), that $179/week become $25/night! Double units are $229 for the week and are large enough to sleep medium sized families. 

Families value safety and affordability. This is why Value Place Johnson City is an incredible fit for Kingsport FunFest traveling families. Call ahead today to check availability: 423-283-0365. Join us on Facebook to get FREE wireless Internet!


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