How To Make Your Current Cup of Coffee Twice As Good… For the Same Price

brand new coffee maker from value place extended stay hotels

Brand New Coffee Maker from Value Place Extended Stay Hotels

For guests who stay at an extended stay hotel like Value Place Extended Stay, the grocery list will often be just for the week or in other cases for the month. For the coffee drinker, this will entail buying a bag or container of coffee. Forget your coffee maker at home? Don’t worry. Value Place keeps brand new coffee makers available for purchase behind the front desk ($20).


How to make any coffee brand you buy twice as good. When it comes to coffee, fresh is best. When selecting coffee, you will notice that the same brand will sell its coffee in two forms: whole bean or ground. Also, you’ll notice in most grocery stores, there is metal contraption in the aisle where you browse coffee brands.

A photo of a grocery store coffee bean grinder

Grocery Store Coffee Bean Grinder

This is the bean grinder. HERE’S WHAT YOU DO TO MAKE YOUR COFFEE TWICE AS GOOD: Instead of buying the grounds as you have always done up to this point because you don’t have a grinder at home, buy the whole bean bag. Open it up and pour it into the bean grinder. Set it to “espresso” or “coarse” grind and grind the whole bag. The finished product will be a bag of ground coffee – what you came to buy – but instead it is instantly fresh. You can tell by them smell.

Back at the hotel room, simply brew the coffee the same way you always do but this time use the fresh grinds that you ground yourself.

You’ll notice the difference in the first sip.


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