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Expedia is a popular travel booking site for cheap hotels

  Expedia Travel Booking Site

I have an important piece of information to disseminate for people looking to find cheap hotels using travel booking sites such as Expedia. If you are looking for a cheap hotel for an extended period of time (a week+), then keep reading this article.

Because Value Place is an extended stay hotel, it is outfitted for guests to spend multiple nights as opposed to just one night. Similarly, that fee structure is built in such a way that extended stays are rewarded with an incredibly cheap rate. For example, if you were to stay at the Value Place in Greenville, SC for $209 for the week, you would end up spending $29/night. However, because of the nature of the extended stay format, you are unable to stay there for one night for $29/night. If you are interested in just one nights stay, be prepared to pay over $100. According to Expedia, the average for all Spartanburg hotels is $95/night (before taxes and fees) to stay one night next week.

If you check Expedia for Value Place rates, you get something like this:

This is what happens when you search Expedia for our cheap hotel.

This is what happens when you search Expedia for our cheap hotel.

Expedia doesn’t know that Value Place prices are not nightly. Therefore it shoves all Value Place listings down to the very bottom and shows them as sold out or unavailable. This is what brings up the purpose of this article. Because popular travel booking sites index hotels by nightly rates, the cheap CHEAP extended stay hotels are pushed to the bottom where no one sees them.

Now you know.

Contact the Value Place directly in the city you are looking to stay. Stay for more than one night and pay even less. The price includes all utilities, free parking, free cable, and full kitchen for further budget traveling. This is the little-known secret of Value Place. Shhhh.

Cheap Cheap Hotel Kitchen Photo

A snapshot of a Value Place Kitchen.


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