The Key to Finding Cheap Hotels | Affordable Hotel Blog

Below I will outline the key to finding the cheapest solution for your next traveling excursion. As we all know, finding a hotel is not the problem; they’re EVERYWHERE. The problem is finding a hotel within our budget at the location to which we are traveling. But many people are limited in their thinking of what a possible accommodation solution may be. This leads me to the key in finding the cheapest hotel in the area you are traveling to:

Paradigm shift  – Hold off on the thinking that you and your traveling company need a traditional hotel. There are many other options to consider such as

  • Hostels and Guesthouses
  • Apartments
  • Camping
  • A friend’s house
  • A stranger’s house
  • Overnight bus and train trips

Suddenly, you no longer need to spend $130 for the night. Your friend’s house is FREE. Camping is, at most, $20 (pack a tent). Look up who of your Facebook friends (using Facebook’s Graph search) lives close by the area to where you are traveling. Look up on Craigslist places where kind people are offering their spare bed or couch to thru-travelers [PLEASE EXERCISE CAUTION AND DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST]. Hostels are an option if you don’t mind sharing the room with other guests (often students). There are multiple bunk-beds in each room. The price is a third of that of a hotel.

Finally, for the travelers looking for the best of both worlds: infinitesimal price and hotel-quality, check out Value Place Extended Stay Hotels. The price ends up around $28/night (average) when you stay for a whole week. Split the room with three friends and you are paying close to $10/night! All utilities are included, cable TV, linens AND you have in-unit FULL kitchen. Save more money cooking dinner at home instead of throwing your money out the window at an expensive restaurant.

Just wanted to make sure you were considering all your options in finding the cheapest hotel available. Remember, the key to finding the cheap hotels starts with a paradigm shift.

Another great article on Budget Accommodation:


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