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BOOMSDAY 2013 Fireworks Show in Knoxville, TN for Labor Day.

The best part was when everyone was singing “I’m Proud to Be an American” as red, white and blue fireworks were exploding over the river. It sounded like all 400,000 people were singing.


What Do Hotel Guests Value Most | Affordable Hotel Blog

Value Place Hotel Double Bedroom

Hard wood floors help to keep a hotel room clean at Value Place Hotel.

It’s cleanliness, according to a survey of 1,000 people released by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies in 2011. A whopping 43% chose that, meaning that a dirty bathroom, dust and maybe bedbugs are more pressing concerns than price (23%) and location (19%). The survey was conducted by CARAVAN ORC International, an independent public opinion and market research firm, this month.

I am surprised that security (11%) ranked so low. As a female who often travels alone, that’s really important to me. The other 6% of participants didn’t choose any of the options or didn’t care, meaning that some may rank free Wi-Fi or breakfast No. 1 (as I suspect some Hotel Check-In readers would do).

5 Cheap Extended Stay Hotels in Macon, GA | Affordable Hotel Blog

Med students. General contractors. Architects. Traveling businessmen and entrepreneurs. Home transitions. Healthcare professionals.

These folks often find themselves traveling often and in need of cheap extended stay hotels in various cities across the USA such as Macon, GA. Luckily, there are several options to choose from. The following list is arranged by most affordable rate to least affordable rate scheduled for a week-long stay from Sept 1, 2013 to Sept 8, 2013.


Extended Stay Hotels in Macon, GA:

  1. Value Place Macon North Extended Stay Hotel and Value Place Macon West Extended Stay Hotel – At Value Place West on Harrison Road, you will pay $159 for the week. At the Value Place on Bowman Road (Macon North), you will pay $179. One interesting observation about the Value Place websites is that they automatically schedule the booking for one week. This is indicative of an establishment that truly wants extended stay travelers only. All other “extended stay” websites automatically schedule for a single night, just like a traditional hotel.
  2. Extended Stay America – At $43.99 for one night (which is a great nightly rate), you will pay $308 for the week.
  3. Intown Suites – A very appealing rate of $159 per week! Take a look at the TripAdvisor reviews – 1 out of 5 stars with two terrible reviews.
  4. Candlewood Suites – At $82 per night, you will pay $574 for the week. Yikes. You could stay at Value Place West Macon for over three and a half weeks for the same price.
  5. Residence Inn – At 109 per night, you will pay $763 for the week. But with this property you pay for the Marriott brand name. 

So there you have it. A VERY brief comparison of cheap extended stay hotels in Macon, GA by rate. Which one will you choose?


Now Hiring! | Value Place Hotels are Looking to Hire Employees with Strong Character and Guest Focus

Value Place Hotels are hiring all over the country.

Value Place Hotels all over the country are now hiring!

Value Place Extended Stay Hotels are now hiring for multiple positions all across the country. Click the links to see the full job description and compensation. The open positions are as follows:

Safety Attendant – This team member is given a place to live on-site at one of our Value Place Hotel locations. They are required to be able to respond to all safety concerns at all times. Click here for more information.

Property Attendant – This team member is an expert in professional maintenance and repairman-ship. They are a Mr(s). Fix-It and Jack-of-All-Trades. Click here for more information.

Guest Attendant – This team member is a skilled salesman and a genuinely kind person. (S)He loves to smile and help people solve problems. Click here for more information.

Studio Attendant – This team member is organized and loves to be clean. They have an eye for improvement and are quick but thorough in all they do. Click here for more information.

These positions are open in the following geographic areas:

  • Johnson City, TN 423-283-0365
  • Champaign, IL 217-359-5499
  • Evansville, IN 812-853-0900
  • Elgin, SC 803-699-1413
  • Lexington, SC 803-356-1303
  • Greenville, SC 864-277-5500
  • Simpsonville, SC 864-962-9500
  • Duncan, SC 864-486-9998
  • Macon, GA 478-477-0949 or 478-477-8347

If you are looking for a job in one of these areas and you are interested in one of the positions listed above, PLEASE APPLY. Don’t hesitate to call the property directly if you have any questions. Thank you!

NEW COUPON!|Affordable Hotel FREE Discounts Available on Facebook Pages


Just released – a new promotional coupon for $10 laundry credit at any of the following Value Place Extended Stay Hotels. Click for the link to the coupon:

Johnson City, TN:

Champaign, IL:

Elgin, SC:

Lexington, SC:

Macon North, GA:

Macon West, GA

Duncan, SC:

Simpsonville, SC:

Greenville, SC:

Free Discounts at a Cheap Extended Stay Hotel

A photo background of cash as it relates to Value Place

Value Place Extended Stay Hotels are for budget-conscious travelers.

Let’s talk.

On our Facebook pages, we offer monthly promotions to our fans so they can save money and have an enjoyable extended stay at each of our locations. For our next promotion, we want to hear from you – what sort of free discounts would like to see?

Some examples are:

  1. Money off the bottom line. This will most likely be $20 off the weekly or monthly price.
  2. Laundry credit. Receive $10 worth of laundry money to keep your clothes clean and fresh.
  3. Free Wi-Fi. Rather than paying for the password to access our high-speed internet, we can give it to you for free.
  4. Reserved parking spot for the most loyal guest. For the guest that is staying for multiple months, or whoever is the Mayor on Foursquare, will get a designated parking spot close to the door.

Now, it’s your turn. What sort of discounts would you like to see? Post your responses to us on Twitter @ValuePlaceHotel (to the right of this blog post!)

Our locations are:

  1. – Evansville, IN
  2. – Duncan, SC
  3. – Elgin, SC
  4. – Lexington, SC
  5. – Johnson City, TN
  6. – Simpsonville, SC
  7. – Greenville, SC
  8. – North Macon, GA
  9. – West Macon, GA
  10. – Champaign-Urbana, IL