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Below I will outline the key to finding the cheapest solution for your next traveling excursion. As we all know, finding a hotel is not the problem; they’re EVERYWHERE. The problem is finding a hotel within our budget at the location to which we are traveling. But many people are limited in their thinking of what a possible accommodation solution may be. This leads me to the key in finding the cheapest hotel in the area you are traveling to:

Paradigm shift  – Hold off on the thinking that you and your traveling company need a traditional hotel. There are many other options to consider such as

  • Hostels and Guesthouses
  • Apartments
  • Camping
  • A friend’s house
  • A stranger’s house
  • Overnight bus and train trips

Suddenly, you no longer need to spend $130 for the night. Your friend’s house is FREE. Camping is, at most, $20 (pack a tent). Look up who of your Facebook friends (using Facebook’s Graph search) lives close by the area to where you are traveling. Look up on Craigslist places where kind people are offering their spare bed or couch to thru-travelers [PLEASE EXERCISE CAUTION AND DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST]. Hostels are an option if you don’t mind sharing the room with other guests (often students). There are multiple bunk-beds in each room. The price is a third of that of a hotel.

Finally, for the travelers looking for the best of both worlds: infinitesimal price and hotel-quality, check out Value Place Extended Stay Hotels. The price ends up around $28/night (average) when you stay for a whole week. Split the room with three friends and you are paying close to $10/night! All utilities are included, cable TV, linens AND you have in-unit FULL kitchen. Save more money cooking dinner at home instead of throwing your money out the window at an expensive restaurant.

Just wanted to make sure you were considering all your options in finding the cheapest hotel available. Remember, the key to finding the cheap hotels starts with a paradigm shift.

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Making Back to School More Affordable | Value Place Extended Stay Hotel

Photo of College student saying "7 Classes 1 Notebook"

And maybe a pencil…

Whether you are a parent driving your new Freshman student to college many hours away or a student looking for off-campus housing for the school year, finding an affordable place to stay can be a challenge. Everyone else is trying to do the same thing at the same time. If you didn’t book months in advance, finding an open hotel room or apartment can be a near impossible feat.

But here’s some news: a lot of people don’t think to stay at an extended stay hotel. But the fact is, according to HR Magazine, extended stay hotels are a growing segment in the travel accommodation industry. CCIM says that extended stay hotels are intended for stays lasting 4 nights to 4 months+. The extended stay business model relies on both higher occupancy for longer periods of time which cuts down on overhead and also simple, basic amenities so that the price is significantly reduced for guests. For example, a traditional hotel will cost anywhere from $65 to $120 for the night while an extended stay hotel will cost $28 dollars for the night. But you have to stay for four nights. See how it works?

So for the parents or students looking for an extended stay at one of the following universities or colleges, look up Value Place Extended Stay Hotels – the best in the market – known for shocking affordability and brilliant cleanliness:

Photo of an older woman in a classroom

Learn from the best.

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Expedia is a popular travel booking site for cheap hotels

  Expedia Travel Booking Site

I have an important piece of information to disseminate for people looking to find cheap hotels using travel booking sites such as Expedia. If you are looking for a cheap hotel for an extended period of time (a week+), then keep reading this article.

Because Value Place is an extended stay hotel, it is outfitted for guests to spend multiple nights as opposed to just one night. Similarly, that fee structure is built in such a way that extended stays are rewarded with an incredibly cheap rate. For example, if you were to stay at the Value Place in Greenville, SC for $209 for the week, you would end up spending $29/night. However, because of the nature of the extended stay format, you are unable to stay there for one night for $29/night. If you are interested in just one nights stay, be prepared to pay over $100. According to Expedia, the average for all Spartanburg hotels is $95/night (before taxes and fees) to stay one night next week.

If you check Expedia for Value Place rates, you get something like this:

This is what happens when you search Expedia for our cheap hotel.

This is what happens when you search Expedia for our cheap hotel.

Expedia doesn’t know that Value Place prices are not nightly. Therefore it shoves all Value Place listings down to the very bottom and shows them as sold out or unavailable. This is what brings up the purpose of this article. Because popular travel booking sites index hotels by nightly rates, the cheap CHEAP extended stay hotels are pushed to the bottom where no one sees them.

Now you know.

Contact the Value Place directly in the city you are looking to stay. Stay for more than one night and pay even less. The price includes all utilities, free parking, free cable, and full kitchen for further budget traveling. This is the little-known secret of Value Place. Shhhh.

Cheap Cheap Hotel Kitchen Photo

A snapshot of a Value Place Kitchen.

How To Make Your Current Cup of Coffee Twice As Good… For the Same Price

brand new coffee maker from value place extended stay hotels

Brand New Coffee Maker from Value Place Extended Stay Hotels

For guests who stay at an extended stay hotel like Value Place Extended Stay, the grocery list will often be just for the week or in other cases for the month. For the coffee drinker, this will entail buying a bag or container of coffee. Forget your coffee maker at home? Don’t worry. Value Place keeps brand new coffee makers available for purchase behind the front desk ($20).


How to make any coffee brand you buy twice as good. When it comes to coffee, fresh is best. When selecting coffee, you will notice that the same brand will sell its coffee in two forms: whole bean or ground. Also, you’ll notice in most grocery stores, there is metal contraption in the aisle where you browse coffee brands.

A photo of a grocery store coffee bean grinder

Grocery Store Coffee Bean Grinder

This is the bean grinder. HERE’S WHAT YOU DO TO MAKE YOUR COFFEE TWICE AS GOOD: Instead of buying the grounds as you have always done up to this point because you don’t have a grinder at home, buy the whole bean bag. Open it up and pour it into the bean grinder. Set it to “espresso” or “coarse” grind and grind the whole bag. The finished product will be a bag of ground coffee – what you came to buy – but instead it is instantly fresh. You can tell by them smell.

Back at the hotel room, simply brew the coffee the same way you always do but this time use the fresh grinds that you ground yourself.

You’ll notice the difference in the first sip.

[Skype] Dinner With My Fiancee - From My Value Place Kitchen

Ahh The Joys of Traveling Cheap

Like Geico, I just saved a good chunk of change by not staying at a full-services hotel at which I would have spent $100+ per night. Instead, I’m spending $199 for 7 nights! Wowee!

ON TOP OF THAT, I’m saving money and learning how to cook at the same time! My Value Place Extended Stay Hotel has a full kitchen on which I can cook pimiento cheese and pepper chicken and rice (yum!).

TO TOP IT ALL OFF, I get to sit down to a quiet, candle-lit and home-cooked [Skype] dinner with my fiancee. She was looking forward to this all day. Now, I get to show her my cooking skills.

Kingsport FunFest Cheap Hotel Solution | Value Place Johnson City

Image of a safe and clean double unit for FunFest family travelers on a budget.

A Safe and Clean Option for Kingsport FunFest Traveling Families on a Budget.

Kingsport’s annual summer festival “FunFest” is just around the corner (July 12-21, 2013). For one whole week straight, families will have the opportunity to engage in volleyball tournaments, listen to live music concerts such as Chris Tomlin and Hunter Hayes, watch hot air balloons, enjoy food and a family-friendly 80,000 strong community.  It’s a great time that many families and festival lovers travel very far from their homes to attend. 

Luckily, Value Place Johnson City has a solution for these distant travelers. Travelers can check in for the entire week for $179! Broken down into a nightly rate (as any other hotel would charge this way), that $179/week become $25/night! Double units are $229 for the week and are large enough to sleep medium sized families. 

Families value safety and affordability. This is why Value Place Johnson City is an incredible fit for Kingsport FunFest traveling families. Call ahead today to check availability: 423-283-0365. Join us on Facebook to get FREE wireless Internet!